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"Extra Virgin Olive Oil" is defined as the oil obtained from the first olive pressing through mechanical processes, without the use of processes or chemicals under conditions that do not cause any alteration of the oil and whose acidity is free, expressed in oleic acid, does not exceed 0.8%.

Olive oil is used mainly in the kitchen, mainly in Extra Virgin and Virgin varieties, for seasoning salads, flavoring various foods, preserving potted vegetables. Its high smoke point makes it very suitable for fries. Its use is recommended for the richness of monounsaturated acid and its beneficial properties due to the presence of antioxidant substances (phenols and tocopherols) and the ability to combat cholesterol.

The flavor of the oil can vary greatly depending on the varieties of olives from which it is produced, the place of production, the degree of maturation, and the way of harvesting the fruit.


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