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Considered a plate of Latium tradition, its history is unreliable. Indeed, as is often the case, there are different hypotheses about the true origin of this recipe. One of these is that during the Second World War, some young American soldiers finding the "cacio and dove" abruzzese pasta, and seeing beside the pillow and bacon, all joined the ingredients "creating" the pasta at Carbonara. The Roman attribution of this recipe is due to the position of these soldiers, who passing the Appennines arrived to Rome where the recipe was handed down from family to family. The dish is of all Roman effects as it fully shares the city's vocation: welcome. For our Carbonara, prepared on the basis of the traditional recipe, quality raw materials are used to bring quality and flavor to the daily table.

To enjoy the Carbonara sauce, we recommend using the "La Dispensa di Amerigo" pasta made with durum wheat semolina. Cook the dough in abundant salt water, in the meantime pour the contents into a non-stick frying pan and warm in a slow fire. Sprinkle the sauce with a ladle of cooking water until a homogeneous and creamy compound is obtained. Combine the paste, mix and serve. To finish the dish add an abundant dusting of Pecorino Romano DOP.

48g seasoned pillow (pig's throat, salt, spices, natural flavors, preservative: potassium nitrate), water, 20g pecorino cheese, 20g pecorino cheese, 12g egg yolk, melting salts: sodium citrate; black pepper.
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Amount: 5