Harvest period: from May to August


Collection area: Piemonte


Texture: Crystallized


Color: From light beige to brown


Bouquet: varies depending on flowering


Taste: Variable depending on the flowering

The Millefiori honey is harvested in the summer months in our Po valley and contains in itself an innumerable amount of flowers that bloom simultaneously (mint, clover, Solidago, Acacia, Clover...). In fact, Millefiori are defined those honeys that cannot be classified as monoflorals as they are the result of the Union of various concomitant blooms.


For this reason, the honey of Millefiori is the honey that best expresses the richness and typicality of a territory, summed up with the bees in a splendid harmony of color and flavor.


As honey it is great for sweet and yummy in the milk in the morning. For its rather heterogeneous characteristics it is combined with all kinds of cheeses.




The Millefiori is the most suitable honey for the table. Excellent sweetener, it is matched to all kinds of cheese

MILLEFIORI Honey - G. 500

Amount: 10
Price: 8.00 € included VAT