Honey WITH Saffron-Honey WITH ZAFFRON-G. 100


The extraordinary organoleptic properties of saffron make this nobile Spezia a unique product in the world. The one used is the result of a careful selection of the best saffron from Sardinia. The ruby red colour, the intense but delicate aroma, the unmistakable taste make it a product of extraordinary quality, able to enhance the taste of different dishes without masking it, with its aromas that sink in the night of the Times.
In this original and captivating recipe in combination with the finest acacia honey, Saffron becomes an extraordinary protagonist of taste. The sweetness typical of honey meets the intense and unmistakable taste of saffron, giving rise to an exceptional balance of flavors. Ideal accompaniment to any type of cheese.


Amount: 12
Price: 10.00 € included VAT