Italian orange Honey


Harvest Period: April-May
Collection area: Sicily and Calabria
Texture: Crystallized
Colour: straw yellow to ivory colour
Bouquet: Orange Blossom
Taste: Sweet and delicate

In a hypothetical classification of the Italian Unifloral Honeys, Orange is second only to Acacia honey for notoriety and diffusion. Orange Honey has an always very clear color, it can be straw yellow from liquid, but in the solid state it must tend to white.


It is generally finely crystallized with soft crystals that in the mouth give a pleasant feeling of melting. The taste and the scent, very delicate, recall in an unmistakable way the blossoms of orange blossom on which the bees have collected.
For its unmistakable aroma and fragrance is one of the most used honeys in pastry, especially for the preparation of nougat.




It is combined with cheese from the area of origin such as Ragusa, the Caciocavallo. Great in pastries, for breakfast and as a sweetener in cold drinks.


Italian orange Honey - G. 500

Amount: 6