Harvest Period: April-May


Collection area: Piemonte


Consistency: liquid


Colour: transparent to straw yellow


Bouquet: Floral, fresh fruit and Confetto


Taste: Very sweet, confetted.

Acacia honey is undoubtedly the most popular and beloved among Italian honeys. It is especially appreciated for its light color, almost transparent, for its sweet and confetted taste and for the fact that it keeps naturally liquid forever.


For its characteristics Acacia honey can have many uses both as Table honey, as an excellent sweetener, for the preparation of sweets and in combination with different types of cheese (especially fresh ricotta of goat and cow's milk, mascarpone and Cheeses cheese) or with yogurt.



Acacia honey is the sweetener par excellence. It can be used with cheeses such as fresh goat ricotta, cow's ricotta, mascarpone and cheeses cheeses.


Also excellent with yogurt. For its extreme digestibility it is the honey most suitable for children.

ACACIA Honey - G. 500

Amount: 12