Harvest Period: June-July


Collection area: Piemonte


Consistency: liquid


Color: Dark amber, with reddish shades


Bouquet: Intense and pungent, of wood and tannins


Taste: Bitter, pungent, tannin.

Chestnut honey has special characteristics and properties. The color is dark with reddish tones and due to the high fructose content remains liquid. The taste is bitter and for this it is much appreciated by consumers who consider a little cloying the sweet of other types of honey.


Chestnut honey is rich in mineral salts, so it is very much used by sportsmen. It is one of the most suitable honeys to accompany many types of cheese.




Chestnut Honey is one of the most used honeys in the kitchen and combined with mature cheeses (pecorino, goats, Grana Padano and Castelmagno) and medium seasoning (Raschera, Taleggio, tome). Very suitable also with ricotta.

Chestnut Honey - G 500

Amount: 10