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Cherry Honey-grams 500

Collection period: April


Collection area: Piemonte


Texture: Crystallized


Color: White-greyish


Bouquet: Cherry blossom


Taste: Bitter almond, cherry kernels

The Cherry honey combines with a delicate and pleasant taste of the pretty marked features that make it generally much appreciated.


The taste is very delicate and reminds the almond, the color goes from white to greyish. The crystallization is fine, in a soft and pleasant mass on the palate.


It is a rare honey in that the cherry blossoming takes place at the beginning of spring, when bee families are still quite small and the weather conditions are often unstable. For these reasons it is difficult to produce satisfactory quantities.




Excellent in combination with medium-long maturing cheeses such as Asiago and Grana.

Cherry Honey-grams 500

Amount: 3