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Lemon Honey-G 500


Harvest Period: April-May


Collection area: Sicilia


Texture: Crystallized


Colour: straw yellow to white


Bouquet: Lemon blossom, pungent


Taste: refreshing, lemon jam.

Lemon honey is only produced in a narrow area of eastern Sicily. It is in fact rather rare to find the plantations of lemons quite extensive enough to allow the production of a lemon honey in purity.


For characteristics it is quite similar to that of orange from which it differs for a more sour note and for a more pungent taste. For these peculiarities, as well as in conjunction with the cheese, it is also excellent as a sweetener for herbal teas and cold drinks.




Excellent as a sweetener in herbal teas and cold cocktails. On the table is combined with fresh cheese (ricotta, mascarpone) and seasoned (Caciocavallo and Ragusa).


Lemon Honey -G 500

Amount: No