Moscato Passito Umbria IGT White Sweet Moscato Passito Umbria IGT Bianco Dolce


 WINE-Moscato Passito Sweet White Umbria IGT 

Moscato Passito

Umbria IGT White Sweet

The Moscato grape, always a part of our company vineyards, dries in a natural way on the vines under the Umbrian sun. At the beginning of September, the warm sunlight dries the golden clusters, concentrating the sugar, while fresh evening air has the effect of intensifying the varietal aromas of this wonderful grape. This particular drying technique magnifies the intense aromatic qualities and great enjoyability of this wine, making it unique for its concentration and elegance. A great meditation wine.

Amber and deep yellow
Floreal with tropical fruits, peaches and apricot
Apricot and citruses, confit and almond, persistent, fine and elegant
In bottle
It goes well with oven cakes, fruit, almond and nut tarts, cookies. It is a marvelous sipping wine
Serving temperature:
12-14 °C

WINE-Moscato Passito Sweet White Umbria IGT

Amount: 20
Price: 30.00 € included VAT